We merge art and technology to craft captivating digital art experiences.



A fun QnA expereince to enhance audience engagement at events.

Available. Contact us to learn more.

Answerfull is a fun QnA experience to help the audience learn more about each other and their event experience.
People are invited to go on a website on their phone to answer a few questions. Once sent, their responses will immediately be animated and shared on a screen or projector.

This project can be branded and customised to match the event theme with colours, questions, and custom animations.

The picture above is from our collaboration with AUT who used Answerfull for one of their Orientation day 2024, where almost 1,000 answers were sent!


An innovative and audience-led street dance battle for festivals

Available. Contact us to learn more.

Created in collaboration with Projekt Team, TECHnique is an innovative and audience-led street dance battle that integrates dance with digital technologies.
For each round, the audience is invited to use their devices to vote for the concept, and ultimately, the winner. Whether it's picking between classical or funk, or suggesting a colour for dancers to interpret, the audience takes control.
Through real-time voting, attendees directly contribute to the direction of the battle, adding an element of unpredictability to each round.

We premiered it with 4 dancers at Tempo Dance Festival 2023 in Aotea Square in Auckland, where we brought over 150 people to the square!
Supported by Auckland Live.

Cosmic Canvas

An interactive table to learn about science

Available. Contact us to learn more.

Explore the wonders of space on an interactive cosmic canvas. Select from cards representing things you'd see in outer space and watch as the table brings them to life with animations and cool facts. Experiment by placing two cards next to each other to create new and sometimes catastrophic events - what if you combine a star with a black hole? Bring your family along and get curious about science and astronomy.
We also bring a kid-friendly interactive workshop about astronomy with a local astronomer.

The picture above was supported and funded by the Albert Eden Local Board, and was presented at Epsom Library in April-May 2024. Our workshops were fully booked, attended by over 30 people each!

Currently available for touring in libraries, community centres, or science spaces.
This project can be customised to other science subject. Let us know if you're interested!


Dance, observe your body, and connect with others with your Shadow.

Available. Contact us to learn more.

Shadows is a body recognition installation that invites people to move and explore their own body in another light.
As they explore their Shadow with movements and speed, their Shadow follows them and sound is generated from their movements. Participants are free to choose how they want to connect with their Shadows. Shadows invites participants to walk, raise their hands, dance, and observe their own Shadow from a digital screen.

We premiered it as a part of Auckland Arts Festival 2021, we also shared it during various marketing events and festivals.
In 2023, we presented it at Tempo Dance Festival in Auckland, and in 2024 at Highlight Festival in Upper Hutt.

Another Ocean

A meditative data visualisation of a city's weather.

Available. Contact us to learn more.

Another Ocean is an interactive digital artwork. It invokes visions of a seascape both familiar and foreign, immersing visitors in a meditative data visualisation of a city’s weather. Visitors can interact with the work in real-time with their smartphones. The artwork becomes alive as more people interact with it. The weather is detected in real-time, which changes the parameters of the particles. This makes the artwork endlessly changing.

We’ve been presenting this artwork around New Zealand, notably during After Dark Festival in Tauranga in May 2022, we also presented a video-only version of it in Bunjil Square, Melbourne, in the summer 2022-23.

Tap Tap Takahe

A sneaky native bird brings festive gifts with the audience's help.

Available. Contact us to learn more.

A sneaky Takahe needs visitor's help to give festive gifts during the festive season. Visitors are invited to go on a website with their smartphone and choose a digital gift with a message that will open up in front of their eyes on the big screen. The more gifts are added, the more the screen is loaded with decorations. When all slots are full, a surprise appears to reset the screen.

This is the artwork to bring a festive feel for a special occasion. This artwork’s theme can be changed to match another theme such as Easter, Halloween, or a custom theme.

Aotea Symphony

An interactive sound experience where visitors turn sounds from the city into a visual symphony.

Aotea Symphony is an interactive sound experience. Visitors are invited to turn sounds from the city into a visual symphony through a digital screen. Collaborate with strangers of all ages and backgrounds to transform unnoticed surrounding sounds into a beautiful symphony, a song they can relate to in a joyful way. To create their own symphony, they have to step on the buttons and make their masterpiece!

We presented it as a part of Summer in the Square 2020-21, with the support of Creative New Zealand.

Stories from windows

An audio-visual mapping experience about 2020.

As part of Artweek 2020, we collaborated with Auckland City Central library and Auckland Council to present a projection on the St James wall in front of the library.
We created an audio visual experience that played with the windows of the wall, and with its relation to our lockdown period earlier in the year.
Watch the windows of the St James come to life as stories from our lockdown period unfold.